Grenwood Heights

This is a fictional town of approximately 3,000 people which serves as the setting of the campaign. The time period of this setting is the near future, approximately between the years 2012 and 2015 AD.

Current Events

The feel of the world hasn’t changed dramatically from the present. President Obama lost his reelection bid to a Republican opponent (I haven’t decided which one yet, but definitely not either McCain or Palin), along with a similar change in congressional control. The war in Iraq is more or less wrapped up while the war in Afghanistan continues to escalate. The American and European economies are ever slow to recover while countries like China and India continue to grow.


  • Geography: Hilly forests at the base of a small mountain. A small creek flows from the mountain and emptying in a small lake at the outskirts of town.
  • Government: Police jury with sheriff in the mayoral position. Sheriff is currently Joseph Marks.
  • Wellness: Generally fit, with few cases of long-term illness or disorders. Most life-threatening illness happens later in life. Notable work-related injuries and deaths.
  • Culture: Strong work ethic. Sparse arts and humanities. Steady use of television and Internet.
  • Crime: Very few petty crimes. Even fewer homicides. Notable domestic abuse.
  • Gender
    • 60% male
    • 40% female
  • Age
    • 10% 10 years and younger
    • 10% 11-18 years
    • 20% 19-25 years
    • 35% 26-35 years
    • 15% 35-50 years
    • 5% 51-65 years
    • 5% 66 years and older
  • Ethnicity
    • 75% European descent
    • 10% African descent
    • 10% Hispanic descent
    • 5% other ethnicities
  • Community
    • 90% always lived in Grenwood Heights
    • 5% lived in Grenwood Heights most of their lives
    • 5% recently moved to Grenwood Heights
  • Economy
    • 40% forestry
    • 30% mining
    • 10% tourism
    • 10% green energy
    • 5% medical
    • 5% unemployed
  • Income
    • 10% below $10,000/year
    • 40% $10,000-$20,000/year
    • 35% $20,000-$40,000/year
    • 10% $40,000-$75,000/year
    • 5% above $75,000/year
  • Politics
    • 10% conservative Republican
    • 60% moderate Republican
    • 15% moderate Democrat
    • 10% liberal Democrat
    • 5% third party or independent
  • Education
    • 15% currently in high school or below
    • 60% graduated high school or earned GED
    • 10% dropped out of high school or below
    • 5% currently in college
    • 5% graduated college with an associate’s degree
    • 5% graduated college with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Religion
    • 40% Catholic
    • 25% Baptist
    • 20% other Christian denomination
    • 5% Muslim
    • 10% other religion or undisclosed

Notable Places

  • Center Street: The main street cutting through the center of town.
    • Town Hall: Home of the police jury government. The actual police department and prison is located separately from the Town Hall.
    • Winn Clinic: Office of Dr. Ernest Winn, the town’s aging family doctor. Dr. Winn still does house calls, but leaves most of the clinic’s operations to his younger staff.
    • New Bethesda Church: A historic church which serves any and all comers, although it is technically a Catholic church. Led by the Priest Richard Lowe.
  • Miller Street: One of the main roads known for its eclectic variety of shops and boutiques.
    • Beans and Things: A new coffee shop which has quickly become popular with the younger crowd, also offering souvenirs and Internet access.
    • Rue LeBlanc’s Bridal Emporium: An old family business and the only of its kind in town. Currently owned by Rue’s granddaughter, Sandra Ellsworth.
    • Margie’s Restaurant: An old establishment serving comfort food, with local ingredients. Still run by the old Margie Paul.
  • State Road: The state highway cutting through the southern part of town.
    • Laramie Truck Stop: Popular location on the state road which serves not only as a truck stop, but also as a restaurant and an inn. Owned and operated by Elaine Laramie.
    • Mountainside Lounge: A new strip club which is causing controversy with the relatively conservative sensibilities of the populace. However, it is increasing business with those passing by.
  • Industry
    • Ellsworth Energy Holdings: Owners of the mines in the mountain west of the town. Long known for coal production, it has also started to venture into the green energy market with the installation of wind turbines in the valley to the east of town. Its current CEO is Lyle Ellsworth, husband of Rue LeBlanc’s granddaughter Sandra.
    • Grenwood Lumber: The company which started Grenwood Heights, which was originally a town to house the forestry workers. Still owned by the Grenwood family through the town’s long history. Its current CEO is Ron Grenwood.

Grenwood Heights

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